What to do if you find used needles, crack pipes or other drug paraphernalia

As reported recently, discarded needles have been found along our eastern boundary;  not in any great numbers but a sure sign that things are not well with some folks. Instructions follow on what to do if you find used drug paraphernalia.

Call 311 to ask to have the item picked up. The City makes an effort to respond to all needle retrieval requests within one hour.

If you choose to pick up used needles or other drug paraphernalia yourself do so carefully, place in a puncture proof container and drop in a Needle Drop Box – Somerset St. Bridge at ramp to Trillium pathway, back of 22 O’Meara (Causeway) or at any hospital. DO NOT put in the garbage or down the toilet. It is against the law to dispose of needles, crack pipes or other sharps in the garbage or recycling.

Please also report these finds to with the date, time, location (closest address), quantity along with your name and contact info which helps the Needle Hunters Program with up to date information on where to proactively look for discarded syringes and crack pipes.

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