Westboro Residents Group Request For Assistance,

The Westboro Residents Group was formed in 2018 to challenge a bylaw amendment that would permit a six story condo tower with retail establishments on Roosevelt Avenue. (see above)

Back then, the HCA, amongst others, contributed financial assistance to help launch an appeal before the Local Planing Appeals Tribunal (LPAT).  We may face similar situations here in Hintonburg and the Roosevelt Avenue decision could set precedence. It is an important appeal that developers are watching closely.

Residents in Ottawa’s urban west end recognize the need for intensification but development needs to be consistent with existing buildings and intended land uses in our older neighbourhoods. Mid-rise buildings and retail should not be extended from our traditional “mainstreets” down adjacent residential streets.

The legal work for the appeal is completed and a final decision will be forthcoming. Legal bills need to be paid and fundraising is challenging during the pandemic. The HCA has again made a financial contribution.  Please see the note below from the Westboro Residents Group with details on how to contribute if you would like to do likewise.

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