Vacant Unit Tax – Feedback to City

The City is looking for feedback from residents as it considers a residential Vacant Unit Tax, which would help the City fund more affordable housing.

There are many vacant, boarded  buildings in Hintonburg. Most of these units were habitable, affordable units that have been bought for redevelopment, tenants renovicted and then the building left to deteriorate over 2 to 10 years – unitl the “market” is right to build. Tenants paying affordable rents were evicted, the property sits and deteriorates and becomes a property standards and security nightmare for neighbours and the community.
There are still 7 vacant, boarded buildings within a block of the Tom Brown Respite Centre and within 2 blocks of a number of homeless encampments last summer/fall.

Last fall the HCA proposed a vacant property tax during City budget consultations. Vancouver, Winnipeg and soon Toronto have instituted this approach. Please consider responding to the survey linked to below.

Go to to fill out the brief survey – it is quick and easy. The deadline is Wednesday, March 31.

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