The Happening ArtsPark Needs Volunteers

Spring is in the air and if you haven’t heard, this year we are partnering with The Happening to collaborate and make the best ever Happening ArtsPark Party.

All the fun of the party happens on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 and we’re looking for volunteers to help us out between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

This year we’ve decided to do sign ups online. Don’t worry! It’s a very easy process, no sign in, no account creation! If you have any questions about the roles or how to sign up, just email us at

To see all the cool volunteer opportunities take a look at our site here.

We have everything from 2 hour slots to half day Superstar-Volunteer slots! We have made some of the shifts shorter to give you flexibility to stay for as long as you can or to try our different roles to make a fun day. As you know, it takes a lot of people to make this happen, so we are very happy if you can sign up for what you can!

Once you sign up, we send you more information on the full responsibilities of the role and all the details you need to know for the day!

Please pass this message far and wide and reach out to others who might be interested. There are a lot of great options for everyone- kids included!

Volunteers make all this happen and without you we just can’t do it!

Hope to see you at the Happening ArtsPark Party!

Thanks everyone,

Katie Alexander

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