Buses on Spencer Street – OC Transpo Public Meeting

Are you having issues with buses now utilizing Spencer Street between Holland and Parkdale? Come to an OC-Transpo public meeting to learn about four possible solutions to address your concerns.


When OC-Transpo launched the new LRT, route changes came into effect. This resulted in both the existing number 14 and the new 53 routes terminating at the Tunney’s Pasture via Parkale Avenue. The turn from Scott Street south onto Parkdale was determined to be impossible due to the short turning radius at that corner.  Subsequently the routes were routed south on Holland, east on Spencer and then south on Parkdale.

You are invited to a public meeting on Thursday, December 19, 6:30pm at the Hintonburg Community Centre, Wellington Room.

At this meeting OC Transpo will present the options they are considering. If they have determined their preferred option by then, they will also explain how they have come to that decision.

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