Pinhey Street Neighbours – Concerns Regarding By-law Complaints

The Hintonburg Community Association has become aware of concerns by Pinhey St. residents about a large number of complaints to the City about parking and property standards that have resulted in numerous by-law infractions being issued over the last couple of years. We also understand there have been very frequent visits by By-law officers to Pinhey St., apparently in response to these complaints.

We want to assure you that it is not the policy of the Board of the HCA to register complaints on minor parking issues or property standards issues. Furthermore, the HCA does not condone the burdening of the City’s enforcement branch and targeting of residents with complaints of minor infractions.

Over many years, the HCA has only resorted to by-law complaints as one tool to be used in addressing major issues that have a negative impact on the whole community. These are usually connected with chronic problem properties or disrespectful developers and subcontractors.  Examples are:

– repeated and extensive graffiti that is not removed

– vacant, derelict properties or buildings in very poor repair (including so called “demolition by neglect”)

– major issues of open garbage, garbage dumping, and unkempt landscaping that goes unaddressed

– construction impacts such as damage to property or extensive illegal parking by subcontractors

– chronic issues with problem properties such as drug houses and addresses with repeated instances of disruptive behaviour requiring calls to the police

Even in those cases, we always try first to directly work with the owners, tenants, or developers who are involved. A complaint is registered with the City only as a last resort.

We are also advising By-Law Services of these concerns.

If you have any concerns, please contact us at

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