Participate in the Hintonburg Bird Window Collision Survey!

The HCA has partnered with a Carleton University class and Safe Wings Ottawa to gauge community willingness to prevent window collisions. We’re looking for your participation as Hintonburg residents!

Before October 26th, please take a few minutes to share your thoughts through the student survey:

Also – check out this amazing brochure with lots of helpful info!

One billion birds lose their lives each year due to glass collisions in North America. More than 250,000 birds succumb to this peril annually, with a devastating 70% dying upon impact.

Astonishingly, many bird-window collisions go unnoticed, as birds are consumed by predators, fall onto rooftops and overhangs, become concealed by vegetation, or are moved aside or discarded. Some birds may fly away, only to perish elsewhere.

Your participation can make a real difference. By joining the Hintonburg Bird Window Collision Survey, you can contribute to a safer environment for our feathered friends and a healthier ecosystem for all. Together, we can protect the beauty and diversity of our avian neighbours.

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