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Embassy lands deal struck, International Trans Day of Visibility, Parkdale United spring craft show + much more! –   Note — we haven’t been on top of posting all our newsletters since Jan 2023. We’ll try to get back into posting every one!

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New resource for neighbours experiencing issues with construction

February 28th 2023: The HCA Zoning Committee has developed a handout on useful contacts for neighbours to have if they are experiencing construction issues with a developer. The handout is available here. This adds to other information already available to developers and neighbours here. Thanks to the committee for this great work!  

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Vacant Unit Tax is not a “tax grab”

A recent opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen categorized the City’s new Vacant Unit Tax as a tax grab. Here is the HCA’s full response as submitted to the Ottawa Citizen: Randall Denley has not understood the main reason for the vacant unit tax and has labelled it as a tax grab. Vacant units cost […]

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