Magee House Update, March 22, 2019 From The City

Please find below the latest update from the City on this long-running saga. Please see above a photo of workers clearing rubble today, March 27th, as promised in the note below. Hurrah! A start!

The property owner of Magee House has now scheduled a start date for work on-site, with a contractor set to start rubble removal on Wednesday, March 27. The engineering firm that
created the stabilizing plan will be on site at the same time to oversee the contractor’s work as they begin the process of clearing debris from the base of the west wall.

The engineer had hoped the work could have started this week, on Friday, but the contractor could not accommodate that schedule. Ice and snow still covers the rubble from the initial
collapse, and each passing day of spring weather should make removal easier to accomplish quickly.

In the meantime, the property owner will be on-site to do some preparatory work, removing
household articles from the work area in advance of the rubble removal and stabilization work ahead.

The City received an updated monitoring report this week from the engineering firm about the state of the building, indicating no new structural concerns but reiterating the need to start stabilization work as quickly as possible. While the firm start date is a positive sign, the City still expects to receive a longer-term work schedule from the property owner, which should include major milestones.

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