Magee House Update From the City – April 5th, 2019

Weekly update: Magee House (1119 Wellington West) April 5, 2019

The property owner has indicated that work to relocate household articles within Magee House will continue over the weekend.

Work is still needed to finish clearing the remaining rubble from the site – work that can only be completed once the weather warms sufficiently to allow removal without disturbing the structure of the remaining building.

The engineering firm involved has indicated that the last of the rubble should be removed next week. Once that’s done, the anticipated next step would be to start structural work. That work would include the installation of infill framing on the western façade with a stud wall and truss, as well as some concrete work on the foundation.

The engineers are continuing to monitor the structure on a regular basis, providing the City with reports on its structural analysis of the building. A report is expected next week, and should provide the property owner with enough clarification to complete a final schedule for the planned bracing work.

The engineering firm is exploring the feasibility of reinstating part of the right of way, currently fenced off. They are looking into whether part of the right of way could be restored either before the stabilization work starts or possibly in its early stages, and we hope to hear their assessment of that option as part of next week’s report.

The City will continue to provide weekly updates until the sidewalk is reopened to pedestrians. Please send any comments or concerns to Dennis Van Staalduinen, Executive Director of the Wellington West BIA, who will share them with the appropriate City staff.

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