Magee House update for January 11, 2019

Please see below the latest update on Magee House from the City of Ottawa as issued on Friday, January 11th, 2019.

“The City received an engineered plan late on Thursday, January 10, with details about how to reinforce Magee House. The City’s structural engineers will need a few days to complete a thorough review, but the plan does appear to respect the City’s Right of Way, as required by the Order to Remedy an Unsafe Building that was issued in November.

The proposed plan would involve bracing, largely on the interior of the building, aiming to stabilize the structure such that we could return street traffic and parking to normal. Once braced, the plan would also allow the sidewalk to re-open, with scaffolding in place to provide overhead protection.

Under the orders currently in effect, the owner needs to decide on an approach before the end of January, either to stabilize or to demolish the building, to the satisfaction of the City. As City engineers complete their assessment of the plan next week, we will continue to work with the property owner to determine next steps, and to issue any permits needed for work to move forward as quickly as possible.”

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