Magee House Must Be Demolished

The onset of winter weather has brought the issue of demolishing Magee House to a head. Please see our letter to the City of Ottawa below.

Richard Ashe Manager,
Permit Approvals
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic
Development Department
City of Ottawa
111 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa Ontario

By e-mail
RE: 1119 Wellington Street W. – Magee House

Dear Mr. Ashe, I am writing to you on behalf of the Hintonburg Community Association and the residents of Hintonburg concerning the urgent need to demolish the Magee House. It has been snowing in Hintonburg, and there is now some accumulation of snow, a condition that consulting engineer John G. Cooke indicated in July would compromise the stability of the structure:

“Our opinion regarding the stability of the remaining structure is for a short-term extending no later than late November 2018 and does not extend to fall and winter months at which time freeze-thaw and snow loading can be expected to compromise the stability of the structure.”

The present situation for pedestrians is dangerous and with the arrival of snow and freezing rain will become even more dangerous.

As you may know, the streets of Hintonburg are offset, creating a number of T- intersections. The present ‘Use other sidewalk’ sign at Stirling and Wellington offers ramped access on the north side of Wellington, but wheelchair and stroller users cannot access the sidewalk on the opposite (south) side of Wellington as there is no intersection nearby. So many users are using the westbound traffic lane in spite of the risk. In addition, the existing traffic configuration is detrimental to nearby businesses and residents.

We understand that an assessment is necessary in order to establish that this partially demolished building poses a danger to the public. Please inform me when this assessment will take place and when we can expect that the present untenable situation on our main street will end.

Yours sincerely,
Larry Hudon
President, Hintonburg Community Association

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