LRT takes over Tom Brown Arena Park – Rally Today!

Tom Brown Park has been taken over by the LRT for the next 2 years for Parking!  They set up the fencing very early Saturday morning of a long weekend– locking the community out of the soccer field and the open green space used by all of us.

Bayview Yards, which is still controlled by the LRT, has sat completely empty and locked for more than 2 years. It is a huge area and just as close to the LRT as the park. They should be parking at Bayview Yards.

The community has already lost greenspace at Laroche Park for a couple of years, Lemieux island is closed for 3 years, and now Tom Brown is gone for a couple of years or more.

Join us at a rally today, Tue Oct 12 at 5pm at Tom Brown – 141 Bayview Station Rd., to protest this latest loss of green space.  There is an easy solution – park at Bayview Yards.


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