It’s Election Time

Our province’s next general election is rapidly approaching. Ontario goes to the polls on June 7th, 2018. The HCA is a strong proponent of taking advantage of every opportunity to exercise our democratic prerogatives. All elections are important.

Hintonburg is part of the provincial riding of Ottawa Centre. The following people are running for provincial parliament for our riding:

  • Marc Adornato – None of the Above
  • Bruce Faulkner – Libertarian
  • Joel Harden – New Democratic
  • Colleen McCleery – Progressive Conservative
  • Yasir Naqvi – Liberal
  • Cherie Wong – Green
  • James Sears – Canadians’ Choice

You will no doubt be running into these folks at your doorsteps, on the main streets and other locales. The HCA, along with 9 other community associations are helping to organize an all-candidates meeting to be held on Thursday, May 17th. Click here for details.

Some of our other fellow community associations have organized an all-candidates event for Monday, May 28th, 2018. Click here for details.

Keep your eyes and ears open for other events such as television debates or radio coverage to help you assess the candidates and their parties. An informed vote is the most valuable one.

As well, our municipal election campaign is underway. We’ll be posting on that topic soon.

Get out and vote on June 7th!

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