HCA Statement on Intensification and Infill

Hintonburg has changed rapidly in recent years, and it continues to do so. In addition to many smaller infill projects that are underway, there are currently several major development proposals that have been approved or are in the process of being approved but have yet to be built. This includes, for example, several high-rises within Hintonburg or right at its edges in locations such as Bayview Station and Tunney’s Pasture. We expect thousands more residents to be living in and around Hintonburg within the next 10 years.

The HCA is supports of intensification and recognizes the important role it plays in urban settings plays for addressing issues such as climate change and creating “15-minute neighbourhoods” for all.

As a community association, and together as a community, we have learned a great deal over the years. We are deeply involved in trying to improve municipal policies so that residents can have more confidence in the transparency, fairness, and integrity of the planning approvals process in Ottawa. We work with developers, neighbours, and the City to try to ensure projects are appropriate–that intensification meets policies set out by the City, including community design plans.

Intensification must also be considerate of neighbours and local infrastructure. This means, for example, building a small-scale infill that is in keeping with the streetscape; meeting the City’s tree canopy target for local neighbourhoods; and not over-densifying when there is a lack of recreational, park, and library facilities.

Why this work is important to all residents:

We are stronger as a community when we are informed and engaged about development issues. Informed citizens help ensure that the City of Ottawa is fully accountable for its planning processes and decisions. This means that the City staff:

  • listens to and addresses our concerns
  • meets the highest standards of transparency
  • demands excellence from developers in design and quality construction
  • ensures direct and tangible community benefits in developments as a condition of their approval

We encourage all residents, whether they own or rent property, to become aware of development issues and engage in the process. More information is available on our Zoning Committee page.


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