Important Community Meeting about the proposed development at 27 O’Meara

A Community Meeting has been organized by Coun. Jeff Leiper’s office to discuss the development that is being proposed at 27 O’Meara.

The meeting will be held at Tom Brown Arena (upstairs) this Tuesday, October 15 from 5:30-7:00 pm. Details can be found here: https://kitchissippiward.ca/content/27-omeara-development-community-meeting-october-15-530-700pm.

Currently, the zoning allows up to 4 units and 3 storeys. The applicant will be applying for rezoning to allow 8 units and 4 storeys.

Since this is a substantial development which is larger than those that we have customarily seen in the residential areas of Hintonburg, the HCA urges residents to come to the meeting and submit comments. In addition to its local impact, it could serve as a precedent for future development in all of Hintonburg.

The developer is Dream Living (affiliated with Blue Panda Realty) in conjunction with 2B Developments. We have had issues with 2B Developments on several other projects in Hintonburg, as well problems that have already arisen with the work that was done by the developers at 27 O’Meara 🙁https://hintonburg.com/blog-post-by-councillor-jeff-leiper-permits-of-convenience-at-27-omeara/).

We will therefore be watching this project closely.


Please come to the meeting!


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