Hintonburg Community Sustainability Plan

The folks at Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City (OBEC) are looking for 10 volunteer facilitators to help develop a community sustainability plan for Hintonburg.  The result of the exercise will be an agenda for action that community members develop by identifying issues and projects for 10 themes of sustainability.

The themes are:

  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Design
  • Habitat
  • Food
  • Natural Capital
  • Waste
  • Health
  • Recreation
  • Sense of Place

The project team will consist of OBEC volunteers and 2 PhD students from Carleton University who will provide training and manage the project.

The process is as follows:

  • OBEC trains the facilitators.
  • Facilitators lead community discussions.
  • Facilitators create the sustainability plan.

A volunteer’s time requirement will be 7 hours preparation (including 1 hour of training), 1 or 2 hours of community discussions and 6 hours creating the sustainability plan and strategy.

For more information please consult the OBEC website here.

To volunteer please contact OBEC at

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