Join Hintonburg’s Greening Project!

Hintonburg residents and the HCA are working to bring more tree canopy, biodiversity & native species to our neighbourhood.

Join in the effort by planting trees, shrubs, and flowers in your little corner of Hintonburg. No plot of land is too small – even a balcony works!

While all plants, bushes & trees are encouraged (exclusing invasive species of course!), we’re especially recommending native and pollinator-friendly plants as a way to enhance the local environment. This is in line with a big movement across North America and includes the efforts of many municipal governments in Canada.

Plant a tree or shrub – even in small spaces!
Check out this great handout to learn how to plant a tree in a very small plot of land, how you can get a free tree from the City of Ottawa, tips on choosing the right species for you, and much more. We need more tree canopy in Hintonburg in order to have a healthy community and each piece of land is part of the solution.

Want to grow a garden that supports native species and pollinators?
Check out this great handout to get tips on how to start a native species garden, where to source plants in Ottawa and more.

Image courtesy of Berit Erikson

Have a balcony and looking to help with biodiversity?
Check out this great handout that provides tips on balcony gardening with native species as well as tips on where you can source plants in Ottawa.

Don’t have access to land but want to help with greening Hintonburg?
There are many ways you can help expand the tree canopy and green Hintonburg. Check out this great handout for tips on where to start!

Get in touch:
We’ll be sharing lots of greening ideas through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our e-newsletter in the months to come. Follow us to get the news. You can also send the HCA environment committee an email – write to and put ‘environment committee’ in the subject.

Check out the pictures of increasing the tree canopy on New York City.  If dense neighbourhoods in NYC can do it, so can we!
(Images courtesy of the New York Times)

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