Free Our Sidewalk Rally At Magee House And a Legal Opinion

Come out to our rally at 8am on July 24th at Wellington W. at Rosemount. It’s one of the few options we have as residents to engage stakeholders and push for a timely resolution of the Magee House closures. Earlier this year we (the HCA) sought a legal opinion.

We did so to explore our options to address ongoing issues regarding Magee House.

What we learned was that the City of Ottawa has the tools to intervene and bring this situation to a satisfactory conclusion under the Building Code and the Heritage Act.

The HCA itself has very few legal avenues of address. Awareness raising is our best bet by putting pressure on stakeholders, especially the City given the powers that it holds. Indeed the opinion stated “only a lack of political will” has prevented the City from intervening in a more robust fashion.  This is why we are holding the Free Our Sidewalk rally.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the rally. Please find below a link to the legal opinion.


Magee House Opinion-2

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