Follow-up – HCA Annual General Meeting 2019

Our Annual General Meeting took place back on September 26th. At that meeting we committed to publishing the draft minutes from our 2018 event as they were not available for approval. As well we promised to publish our final 2018-2019 financial report with numbers through to the end of September 2019.  Here they are:

HCA September 2019 Financial Statements

HCA minutes AGM DRAFT 2018.09.25

We elected a new board of directors at the AGM and voted in a new executive at our subsequent board of directors meeting on October 7th. Here are the details.


President: Scott Milne

Vice President: Linda Brown

Treasurer: Jay Baltz

Secretary: Josh Nutt


Cheryl Parrott

Wayne Rodney

Larry Hudon

Gillian Koh

Eddie Fu

Breanna Durnin

Emily Addison

Al Norris

Paulette Dozois

Nicholas Olmstead

Radha Subramani

Kevin Hamilton

Juliana Schneider

Matt Whitehead

Jessica Stark

Ellen Lockheed

Mimi Gallipeau







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