Emergency Preparedness – Be Ready

The HCA recently held an information session with the Canadian Red Cross. We all should be prepared to be self-sufficient for the first 72 hours in an emergency. The City has great resources but can’t help everyone at once. Here is what we learned. 

Key things to do from

  1. In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts – enter in phone under ICE, keep in wallet
  2. Prepare a basic Emergency Go Kit and keep close to an exit, keep it up to date – in case of evacuation. You can buy these or make your own – see what you need –
  3. Water & food for 72 hours (2 litres/person/day)
  4. List of medications, allergies, medical problems
  5. Make an emergency plan with your family, keep it updated & practise it
  6. Include pet needs
  7. Money – at least $20 in small bills and coins
  8. At least ½ tank of gas at all times
  9. Cell Phone & charger & charged battery back-up. Use text rather than phoning
  10. Emergency Car Kit
  11. Store all your paper documents in a waterproof and portable container and remember to include a first aid kit
  12. Phone Apps – Be Ready

See below for checklists for documents, pets, car, first aid, emergency preparedness.

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