Transportation in older, growing neighbourhoods is always a concern. Major road renewals, Light Rail construction and density intensification continue to have significant impact on transportation in Hintonburg and other urban west-end Ottawa neighbourhoods.

Transportation includes:

  • Traffic
  • Cycling
  • Public transit
  • Issues for pedestrians.

A watchful eye is required to make sure that Hintonburg residents and businesses’ traffic ideas and concerns are heard by city and provincial officials and taken into consideration during key decision-making activities and events.

Recently, we helped to establish a 40 kilometre speed limit for all streets in Hintonburg except on the main arteries of Wellington, Parkdale, Scott and Holland. The Traffic Committee did the heavy lifting and is indeed pleased with the result. See their happy faces above.

If you have traffic concerns or ideas to help alleviate some of our traffic challenges, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us at

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