Hintonburg Supper Club

Our club’s objectives are to support local restaurants in Hintonburg and to provide an opportunity for people who live, work or own property in Hintonburg to get to know their neighbours in an informal setting while eating great food. We are lively, friendly and include singles and couples of all ages. There are no membership fees – attendees just pay for what they eat and drink.

  • Each month, on a rotating basis, a local restaurant owner is contacted to determine their interest in hosting a supper club event.
  • Event dates vary, but typically they are held on Mondays through Thursdays.
  • There is no obligation to attend every month. However, anyone who reserves for a specific event in expected to honour their commitment since the restaurants often purchase extra food and hire extra staff to accommodate the group.

Details are provided regarding the establishment’s ability to accommodate special requests such as vegetarian options or food allergy restrictions. The availability of alcohol or any building accessibility issues are also flagged.

Contact hintonburg.supper@gmail.com to automatically receive notices of events. Reservations are required by the deadline date stated in each notice.

We welcome suggestions and hope you can join us. So why not come for an evening out in our great neighbourhood. We would love to see you.

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