The arts are an important component of our community. The arts reenergize urban cores by helping to make neighbourhoods safer and more attractive, expanding cultural activities for residents and visitors, assisting in preserving of heritage assets and extending the market reach of community businesses.

The arts creative class includes:

  • actors
  • animators,
  • dancers
  • designers
  • filmmakers
  • multi-media artists
  • musicians
  • painters
  • performance artists
  • photographers
  • playwrights
  • poets
  • printmakers
  • sculptors
  • singers
  • songwriters
  • video artists
  • writers

This arts population expands when a thriving arts scene includes educators, entrepreneurs, producers, students, volunteers and administrators.

Ottawa’s Arts and Heritage Plan recognizes arts and heritage as the cornerstone of urban neighbourhood planning and includes policy of applying 1% of development project’s budgets to the installation of public art.

In 2004 we established Arts Park, a community-driven arts festival that happens every May in our lovely Parkdale Market Park in Hintonburg. It is a wonderful day of music, art, poetry, artisan crafts and goods, food and much fun. Beginning in 2018, Arts Park will be part of the wider array of activities know as The Happening.

Other annual events include a Christmas Craft Fair and summer outdoor movie nights. Keep an eye on this site or subscribe to our news letter for details as events unfold.

If you wish to participate in or give input to any of our arts activities and initiatives, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at

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