Bayswater Traffic Calming Survey

If you live in the Bayswater Avenue-Laurel Street area (between Somerset West and Gladstone) or drive through there regularly you may be interested in changes that are being proposed to calm traffic.

The opportunity is here to make traffic calming measures on Bayswater to deal with the longstanding complaints about speeding and non-compliance with the four-way stop at Laurel.  Discussions amongst Councillor Leiper, city officials and community association members have led city planners to propose four options. The City is accepting feedback until June 30th through a survey before it makes a final decision.

The HCA Transportation Committee will be drafting a response to the survey over the next week or so. You may wish to submit comments to us via for consideration.

Please take a look at the details and participate in the survey before June 30th by clicking here.

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