Anti-racism Is An Active Choice

The Hintonburg Community Association has watched the events unfold in the United States and Canada with sadness. It has been a stark reminder of the need for vigilance to confront institutionalized racism in our community, city, province and country.

It has reminded us that anti-racism is an active choice.  And Community Associations such as ours need to be be actively anti-racist as well as continue to reflect, exploit and celebrate the diversity within our constituencies. We want to tell you that we are committed to combatting all forms of racism through our activism and events.

Recently, we were sent the report on Anti-Racism Community Conversations, a report of the anti-racism project led by the Somerset West Community Health Centre, which reminded us, as Board members,  of the systemic racism that still exists in our community.  We encourage you to read it to to understand the barriers that racialized people feel. They are your neighbours and the people you see on the street.

You can read the report here.

Over the next few days, we will share with you the actions we have taken over the years, as well as our plan going forward.
Do you want to help us with our anti-racism work? Send us an email to  Radha care of

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