Anti-Indigenous Racism in Canada – They Couldn’t Make Us Disappear

A Crime Prevention Ottawa Virtual Speaker Event.

Beginning with Confederation, Canada has systematically attempted to make “the Indian problem” disappear.  Ed Buller will share his knowledge of how Canada’s racist legislation and policies since1867 have systematically eroded Indigenous culture, spirituality and resources in efforts to “civilize” Indigenous peoples to fit within general Canadian society.  In spite of these efforts, they failed although it has resulted in an unsustainable level of incarceration of Indigenous men and women in prisons, marginalization of Indigenous people and persistent run-ins with police.

This presentation will examine federal legislation, such as Treaties and the Indian Act, policies that made Indigenous peoples “wards of the State”, residential schools and the ’60s Scoop.  Ed Buller will show that, in spite of everything there continues to be a slow and growing renaissance of Indigenous culture and spirituality.

July  20, 2020   12:00 noon – 1:00 pm

Presenter on Anti-Indigenous Racism: Ed Buller 

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Presenters’ remarks will be in English only. Questions will be encouraged in both official languages.

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