#4 – Anti-Racism is an Active Decision – Moving Forward and Addressing Systemic Anti-Racism

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At the Hintonburg Community Association, we want to ensure that we represent the voices of all the people in our community. We are a volunteer-run organization that is politically active and community-focused. We want to use our voice and our power to combat racism, both overt, covert, and systemic.

Over the past few days, we have shared with you what we have done in the past, and some of the tensions that we confront. 

Anti-racism Is An Active Choice

#2 Anti-racism is an Active Choice

#3 Anti-Racism is an Active Choice – Confronting our Discomfort


Moving forward, the HCA commits to these actions:


  • We will seek to commission work by BIPOC artists for public art (murals and bellboxes) that we sponsor in the neighborhood.


  • We will begin to apply an anti-racism lens to our submissions to the City to break down the systemic racism inherent in our political structures.


  • We will support the Anti-Racism Secretariat and Councillor
    Rawlson King in his role as City Council’s Liaison for Anti-Racism issues.


  • We commit, as Board members, to continue to further our understanding of these issues so we can serve our community better.


Do you want to help us work on these issues? Send an email to Radha through 

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