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Hintonburg Supper Club

The main objective of the Club is to support local restaurants. In addition, it provides a chance for Hintonburgers to get to know their neighbours in an informal setting, while eating delicious food and enjoying themselves. No agendas, no speakers and no requests to take minutes! The group is lively, friendly and includes singles and couples of all ages.

Here’s how it works. Each month, on a rotating basis, a local restaurant owner is contacted to determine their interest in hosting a supper club event. There are no membership fees – attendees just pay for what they eat and drink. The date varies each month although events tend to be held on Mondays through Thursdays. There is no obligation to attend every month. However, anyone who reserves for a monthly event is expected to honour their commitment since the restaurants often purchase extra food and hire extra staff to accommodate the group.

Details are provided about whether or not the restaurant can accommodate special requests (e.g. vegetarian meals or food allergies), whether alcohol will be available, and information about whether the building is accessible to people with mobility issues. Members who have e-mail will automatically receive notices. People without e-mail are telephoned. Reservations are required by the deadline date, either by contacting supper@hintonburg.com or leaving a message at 798-7987. We welcome any other suggestions, and hope you can join us.

Where to eat in Hintonburg
The pace at which new restaurants are opening in Hintonburg has been astounding! Ottawa's best burgers are to be had at the aptly-named Hintonburger, and finer food choices abound, as well as quick take-out. If you can't wait for the Supper Club to make a reservation, why not visit one of Hintonburg's restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs tonight. See the map below for their location, or click on the links to be taken directly to their web sites.

There is a long history of community support in Hintonburg by the establishments with a light yellow background. The HCA is grateful for their donations of time, money, sponsorship and food/beverages over the years.
Bars and pubs Cafes Diners Restaurants Take-out
Elmdale Oyster House Blumen Studio Fils Hintonburger Taco Lot
Carleton Tavern Alpha Soul Alfa Diner Burnt Butter Subway
Hintonburg Public House Cyclelogik Wellington Eatery Canvas #1 Chinese Take-out
Royal Oak Isobel's Cupcakes & Cookies Foolish Chicken Pizza Pizza
Daniel O'Connell Cozmos Food & Cafe Les Grillades The Suya Spot
Blackpepper Sports Bar & Eatery Bella Via Caffe/Panino/Gelato Anthony's Simply Raw Express
Vibe Lounge Le Cafe Michel-Ange Absinthe Suzy Q Doughnuts
10fourteen Bridgehead Royal Oak
Anna Thai
Back Lane Cafe
Tennessy Willems
Springroll House Cafe
Lemon Grass Thai
The Table Vegetarian Restaurant
Hino Restaurant
Pho Van Van
Red Sea Cafe

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