Pinhey Street Neighbours – Concerns Regarding By-law Complaints

The Hintonburg Community Association has become aware of concerns by Pinhey St. residents about a large number of complaints to the City about parking and property standards that have resulted in numerous by-law infractions being issued over the last couple of years. We also understand there have been very frequent visits by By-law officers to Pinhey […]

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HCA Letter – Option 6, Ward Boundary Review 2020

Please find below the HCA’s recent letter and a follow-up note to the consultant, Mayor Watson and Kitchissippi Councillor Leiper responding to the newly added option 6 for City Council’s consideration in redrawing ward boundaries for the next several elections.

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R4 Zoning Review Phase 2

R4 Zoning Review Phase 2 Proposed major changes to the “R4” residential zoning that covers most of the residential areas of Hintonburg will be considered at City Planning Committee on September 10th.

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Update on Ward Boundary Review 2020 – Option #6

Further to our recent posting on Ward Boundary Review 2020, Ottawa City Council  directed the consulting firm conducting the review to develop a 6th option for consideration.

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