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Movie Night Cancellation

August 2013 - The Hintonburg Community Association is disappointed to announce the cancellation of the August 10th double bill of "Despicable Me" and "Skyfall"; the last of the three Outdoor Summer Movie Nights of 2013. As many of you know, each summer your Hintonburg Community Association organizes and hosts three free double bill movie nights. We were recently contacted by Cine Audio Films which has informed us we are not allowed to show films publicly without paying a significant license fee (which in the HCA's case is prohibitive). While this is an unfortunate set back, we believe it is temporary. We plan to regroup and discuss our options this fall and are openly seeking advice/support community members on how we could restructure and resurrect this worthwhile project. To all those who have attended and participated, we thank you and hope to see you soon.

Summary of June 18 community meeting to discuss LRT diversion

22 July 2013 - On June 18 the HCA and Rail Implementation Office hosted a meeting to discuss  measures that could be considered by the City to mitigate the effect of a wholesale diversion of buses to Scott Street during construction of the light rail transit line. A summary of the meeting has been prepared by the implementation office, and is available at http://hintonburg.com/July18summary.pdf. Further meetings are planned, and the next one will be during the fall - no date has yet been chosen.

News release - 233 Armstrong decision

17 July 2013 - The Hintonburg Community Association was today pleased that City Council voted to support Councillor Katherine Hobbs’ efforts to reject the inappropriate proposal by Tega Homes to develop the property at 233 Armstrong Street. With only four dissents, Council has made it clear that it will defend the spirit and letter of its Community Design Plans.

While the HCA considers the vote a victory for the overwhelming number of Hintonburg residents who wrote to Planning Committee to express their opposition to this project, it considers that further work remains to be done. In his comments explaining the Planning Committee’s reasons for rejecting the application, Planning Chair Hume characterized this decision today as an opportunity to begin negotiations at the Ontario Municipal Board that will settle a “sweet spot” between the 8 storeys allowed by the CDP, and the 18-storeys requested by Tega.

The applicants, the HCA and another developer seeking to win from the OMB whatever Tega is allowed are all party to a pre-existing appeal of the Official Plan Amendment and zoning amendments that stemmed from the Community Design Plan.

In the HCA’s case, this is a matter-of-course appeal to remain a party to the process, especially to any negotiations between the developer and the City that might take place.

The HCA reiterates that it expects the City to defend with all its resources its intended zoning for this site. We were encouraged by discussion at the Planning Committee on June 25 in which Chair Hume seemed clear on the need to hire outside legal counsel and planners to defend the case before the Board, and urge the City to follow through with this course.

For further information, contact: Jeff Leiper, HCA president 613.868.2375 | jeff.leiper@gmail.com

Request to deny demolition permit

The HCA has written to the City asking it to deny Richcraft a permit to demolish the structures at 250-252 Parkdale. Richcraft has requested the permit to make room for a sales centre for its proposed developments at 159, 163 and 167 Parkdale. The HCA considers that Richcraft has several options for sales centre locations, and a request to demolish affordable housing is not appropriate. Read the full letterhere. We have been informed that the permit will be dealt with under delegated authority, and will be asking that the Councillor lift this authority in order that the request be brought to Planning Committee.

Research study

Participants sought for research on Hintonburg

17 February 2013 - A researcher with Carleton University's Department of Women and Gender Studies is seeking participants in a project about the re-development of Hintonburg. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and be a current or former resident of Hintonburg and be willing to participate in a one-on-one interview that will last approximately one-and-a-half hours. Interviews will take place at a local coffee shop or in the community centre. Refreshements will be provided. For more information on this project, please contact Jill Thayer, jill_thayer@carleton.ca, 613.710.2630.

Media release

Ottawa – 17 December 2012

Over thirty community groups propose measures to restore trust in the City’s planning and development approvals

Community groups across Ottawa today proposed four measures they consider critical to restoring trust in the City's planning and development approvals practices. The measures have been agreed to by more than 30 community groups from a dozen wards in the city, including urban, suburban and rural areas, in the wake of recent press reports that highlight serious flaws with the City's development approvals and planning process. We are calling for immediate action.

Specific issues include accounts of private consultants hired to process development approvals applications for the City at the same time they are working for applicants, and commitments made by planning staff to support specific re-zoning during confidential preconsultation.

More generally, the failure by the City of Ottawa to have adequately updated the comprehensive zoning by-law since amalgamation has led to ad hoc re-zoning for virtually every major development now proposed, so that the real decisions are being made behind closed doors. The level of campaign contributions to councillors and the mayor by the development industry furthermore calls into question the independence of Council from inappropriate influence by an industry whose activities they directly regulate.

To address these issues, these community groups have called for the following four measures to be undertaken to restore the public's trust in City Hall:

  • Immediately end the practice of hiring private planning consultants to process development applications within the City's planning approvals branch;
  • Immediately end the practice by the City committing to support any specific change in zoning during confidential pre-consultations with a developer or property owner;
  • Commit to working towards banning campaign contributions from the development industry and ban gifts to Councillors; and, 
  • Update the comprehensive zoning bylaw so that it implements the Official Plan.

“The current planning process in Ottawa continues to be seriously flawed,” says Jay Baltz, co-chair of the Planning Committee of the Hintonburg Community Association. “We expect transparency, predictability, and high ethical standards, and are disappointed that the City is falling short in each of these areas. It’s time for the City to stop making excuses and to act in the interests of its citizens.”

Signatories to the planning actions are here, and a backgrounder here.

For further information about these measures, contact Jay Baltz, co-chair of planning committee, Hintonburg Community Association, 1.613.301.0639, jay.m.baltz@gmail.com or info@hintonburg.com.

Media advisory

Ottawa – 13 December 2012

ATTN': City editors – Press Conference December 17

Over 30 community groups from across city to propose measures to restore trust in city planning and development approvals

Community groups from across Ottawa are not confident that the City’s planning and development approvals are best serving the public interest. Several recent reports in the press have highlighted serious issues with these processes. Residents are increasingly frustrated at the city's case-by-case approach to approving zoning changes that result in a lack of predictability and transparency.

On December 17, at the Hintonburg Community Centre, over 30 community groups from 12 wards will propose actions that, if undertaken, will help restore public trust in City Hall’s handling of planning and development.

Media are invited to attend a press conference at which these actions will be proposed:
December 17, 9:30 AM Hintonburg Community Centre (Wellington Room)
1064 Wellington Street West (http://goo.gl/maps/voBmK)

For further information, contact Jay Baltz, co-chair of planning committee, Hintonburg Community Assocation, 613.301.0639; jay.m.baltz@gmail.com or info@hintonburg.com.

HCA negotiates 1050 Somerset settlement

On October 17, the Hintonburg Community Association entered into a settlement with Claridge and the City of Ottawa. The settlement brings to an end the HCA’s appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board of the City’s approval of Claridge’s proposal to build a new 23-storey building at 1050 Somerset Avenue. The settlement commits Claridge to include space for community services in the building, but does not affect its proposed height.

We believe we had a very strong appeal on the principles of neighbourhood compatibility – a 23-storey tower at that location is inappropriate and should never have been approved by City Council. However, on October 15, the City brought into force the Wellington Street West Community Design Plan policy applicable to part of the 1050 Somerset property. This removed the basis for part of our legal argument on conformity to the Official Plan. Given the uncertainty this added to the OMB process, it was decided that negotiating a settlement which offers much needed community services, particularly space for a daycare, was a prudent decision which better served the interests of the community than taking our chances before the OMB.

In the coming days, we will have further details about the settlement. Although we could not get the height of the building decreased, we believe we have obtained important concessions from Claridge.

We have learned a great deal from this process and are well-positioned as a community to work together to ensure that future developments in Hintonburg are compatible with the neighbourhood.

We thank you for your support, and look forward to continuing to work with you on development issues in our community.

Hear Hintonburg Roar Fundraiser

Thursday, October 4 at the Elmdale Tavern, with musical hosts Sherwood Lumsden and Slo' Tom, from 7:30 to 10:00.  Tickets are $25, or whatever you wish to contribute, at the door.

The Hintonburg Community Association recently filed an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board against the City’s approval of a 23-storey development proposed by Claridge at 1050 Somerset Street West, next to Devonshire Public School.  The hearing could cost the HCA as much as $20,000 to $30,000.

The HCA has worked with the City and developers on many great projects in the community.  But in this case, we believe the City’s reasons for approving this development are completely off-base.  Their reasoning was confused, applying different rationales to the front and rear of a single lot that had the same zoning throughout.  If allowed to stand unchallenged, the same justifications may be used on much of the land next to Somerset and Wellington.  This could permit similar towers to be built just behind the main street throughout our community.  This sets a dangerous precedent for our community and for others across Ottawa.

We have all worked hard to make Hintonburg a wonderful place to live, and deserve a night out.  Please show your support for the HCA’s work, including this appeal, by joining us at the Elmdale Tavern, and make your voice heard.

If you can’t make it to the fundraiser, donations in support of the appeal can also be made online at http://hintonburg.com/ 1050Fund.html or by cheque payable to Hintonburg Community Association, and sent to:

Hintonburg Community Association Inc.
1064 Wellington Street
Ottawa ON K1Y 2Y3

HCA provides comments on proposed bike changes

July 18 - The HCA today provided its comments to the consultation process on potential changes to improve cycling through the Byron/Gladstone corridor. A description of the changes is here. Our comments were as follows:

Hello Wook and Robin, I am writing in regard to the Byron-Tyndall-Gladstone Corridor Cycling Improvement Plan on behalf of the Board of the Hintonburg Community Association (HCA) and the HCA Hintonburg Cycling Champions.

First, I would like to thank you for organizing the recent public information session at the Hintonburg Community Centre. This was a welcome opportunity to hear more about the Plan and to raise some questions.

The HCA has received a significant amount of feedback about the Plan in recent weeks, and can say that there is very little support for the proposed traffic roundabouts on Tyndall. As these features do not really improve the corridor for cyclists and are opposed by many residents living nearby, we suggest that this aspect of the Plan be abandoned. The money earmarked for the roundabouts would be better spent on other initiatives.

On the other hand, we generally support the cycling features of the Plan. We think that the features included to assist cyclists in navigating Holland between Byron and Tyndall and along Tyndall will be helpful.

The link between Tyndall and Gladstone, particularly the left turn from Tyndall to Parkdale, is certainly a difficult part of the corridor to improve. We have heard a lot of support for prohibiting cars from turning left from Tyndall to Parkdale. While this support is not unanimous among residents, the more widely held view is that implementing this prohibition would help ease congestion along that part of Parkdale, and help make left turns safer for cyclists.

Otherwise, we encourage you to continue to look closely at the Tyndall-Parkdale intersection to see if more could be done to improve the cycling corridor in that area. We would be interested in seeing more details on Robin's proposal to add cycling lane markings on the left side of north-bound Parkdale as a measure to assist cyclists in navigating the left turn.

We would also encourage you to fully examine the following options:
  • creating a two-way cycling lane along one side of Parkdale from Gladstone to Tyndall, although we appreciate there is not a lot of room,
  • painting the intersection green and using signage to warn drivers that cyclists may be crossing, and
  • putting in a signal crossing for cyclists and pedestrians at the Tyndall-Parkdale intersection.
While we understand that some of these options would be unusual from the perspective of City traffic staff, this is a unique intersection that is used by many cycists as a major east-west corridor, but that presents considerable safety risks.

Stefan Matiation, HCA Cycling Champions co-chair

Proposed biking changes, Parkdale/Tyndall, Gladstone area

The City is soliciting feedback on potential major new changes to Parkdale, Holland, Hamilton and Hinton at Byron and Tyndall, as well as Gladstone and Parkdale. View the proposed changes here

Loss of CAP funding in Hintonburg

The HCA wrote on April 10 to Community and Protective Services committee chair Mark Taylor to ask for City leadership in mitigating some of the effects on vulnerable communities of losing Community Access Program funding. Read the letter here.

Press release - 7 Bayview

Attention municipal, architecture and arts editors

For Immediate Release

Study Recommends Adaptive Re-use of 7 Bayview Road (former City Works building)

Ottawa – March 13, 2012

Adapting and re-using a former industrial site and an important Ottawa heritage landmark could provide much-needed artist space and rejuvenate an important landmark, Strata Planning in partnership with a local business association and community groups has recommended to the City of Ottawa.

Strata Planning (McGill Graduate School of Urban Planning studio students) presented findings of its study of The Bayview Workshops, 7 Bayview Road, to Planning and Environment Committee this morning.

The study was undertaken in response to a Request for Proposals from the Wellington West Business Improvement Area (WWBIA) and the Hintonburg Community Association (HCA) and with the collaboration of Creative Neighbourhoods. The need for such a study was identified in the Hintonburg and Mechanicsville Neighbourhood Plan approved by Council in 2010.

The site is located near the future Bayview LRT station, and forms part of a Secondary Planning Study approved by Council in 2005. A mixed-use community at medium to high density is planned for these lands (formerly a snow dump).

“The adaptive re-use of this former industrial building, designed by J. H. Irwin, the City’s Design Engineer in 1944, could kick-start the redevelopment of this underutilized parcel of land within sight of the Parliament Buildings,” said Linda Hoad, Hintonburg Community Association Board member.

Annie Hillis, Executive Director of the WWBIA notes that “the City Works Building is a potential centre for cultural and artistic uses such as rehearsal and performance space, artists’ studios, and galleries.” There is a need for more such space for artists working in this area, the Quartier des artistes/Arts District.

-- 30 --


Linda Hoad, Hintonburg Community Association


Annie Hillis, Wellington West Business Improvement Area


View the final report:http://www.acaciaconsulting.ca/creativeneighbourhoods/projects.htm

View photos of the building: www.flickr.com/photos/wellingtonwest

Press release - March 6 Open Forum

Public Open Forum on development along the Light Rail Corridor

Tuesday, March 6, 7:00 pm at the Tom Brown Arena.

A public Open Forum will be held on March 6 at 7 pm at the Tom Brown Arena (141 Bayview Rd.) to discuss the City’s plans for development along the future Light Rail from Bayview to Carling.

The City is now developing its plan for what type of development will be permitted and encouraged along the current O Train tracks, in the ongoing “Bayview-Carling Light Rail Corridor Community Design Plan” (CDP). However, very few residents in the area know that this is happening. The Hintonburg and Dalhousie Community Associations have planned this Open Forum to help remedy that.

Much larger development will be coming to this area. Residents should be aware of this, and should have input into the rules that will govern it. Our community associations want to welcome new development into the existing vibrant community, and avoid the type of controversy that too often accompanies development proposals. We believe open discussion is vital for this.

In a break from its usual practice in the past, the City is not holding its own open houses during this CDP. Area community associations have therefore stepped into this void with this Open Forum, which is being widely publicized and should be a well-attended, constructive event.


Contact: Jay Baltz | Hintonburg Community Association | jbaltz@ohri.ca

An uphill (and downhill battle) on the slopes of Tom Brown

New signage has appeared on the slopes of Scott Street leading to the O-Train station at Tom Brown arena. The signs warn residents that the slope is not a public pathway, is private property, and notes that there is to be no trespassing. The signage has already been vandalized. The HCA has been asking for years for pedestrian access to the O-Train station from Tom Brown be normalized with stairs. Have a Tom Brown slope story to tell? Write to us at info@hintonburg.com.

New signage has appeared at the slope leading from the Tom Brown arena to the O-Train at Scott Street warning that the property is private, and that there is to be no trespassing.

$50k grant for Tom Brown arena

City of Ottawa press release
Ottawa - The City of Ottawa was awarded a $50,000 grant Saturday from a program run by Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse in association with Hockey Canada. The money will be used for upgrades to the Tom Brown Arena.

“On behalf of our city, I would like to thank Lowe’s and Hockey Canada for including Ottawa in its grant program,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “This is great news for the many residents who make Tom Brown Arena one of the busiest facilities in the City.”

The Lowe’s and Hockey Canada Community Rink Renovation Program will see $500,000 invested into 10 arenas over five years. Saturday’s announcement, which also named Scarborough’s Centennial Arena as a grant recipient, was made from the Maple Lions Arena in Vaughan, which received its grant earlier this year.

“What a wonderful example of a corporate citizen stepping forward to partner with the City and invest in its community,” said Councillor Mark Taylor, Chair of Community and Protective Services Committee. “I also want to thank our Parks and Recreation staff for its role in making this grant a reality and ultimately taking some pressure off of the taxpayer.”

Because there are two Lowe’s locations in Ottawa, program administrators decided to award a grant to an Ottawa arena where Lowe’s can leverage employees and vendors alike to significantly increase its initial financial investment.   Parks and Recreation staff led Hockey Canada officials on a tour of several arenas to help program administrators make their decision.

“The Tom Brown Arena has been well used by residents of Kitchissippi and from all across Ottawa for more than 30 years.,” said Councillor Katherine Hobbs, Kitchissippi Ward. “I’m thrilled  the judges for this grant chose our local Hintonburg Arena and I look forward to the opportunities this will provide for the community.”

Decisions will be made in the coming weeks on exactly how the money will be spent at the Tom Brown Arena, with the work most likely being completed between February and April of 2012.

Thanks for a busy week!

Dear resident,

The eight-day period from Saturday May 28 to Saturday June 4 was one of the busiest the HCA has ever had in its 20-year history, and we wanted to mark the occasion:

 - We began with ArtsPark on May 28, a highly popular regional festival organized by our Arts Committee that for the first time this year included a bike parade organized by our Cycling Champions committee;
 - We held a pancake breakfast and Ottawa Samba cheering station for the Ottawa Race weekend in partnership with the West Wellington BIA and Elmdale Tavern on May 29. The Race Weekend organizers announced that we won second prize in the city for community spirit;
 - We arranged and hosted a multi-stakeholder meeting attended by politicians, funders, residents and proponents of the Hintonburg HUB project on June 1;
 - We held the Hintonburg Garage Sale on June 4;
 - Also on June 4 we held a community "wake" to mark the changes in our community represented by the closing of the KFC that evening and raised several hundred dollars for the Parkdale United Church's charitable work;
 - This was all in addition to the important work done by our members on May 31 at the Neighbourhood Planning Initiative meeting and by our Zoning Committee which heard at its June 2 meeting from the developers of the proposed Attika tower. Members of our zoning committee also participated in the June 1 Infill Design consultations hosted by the City.

In the middle of it all, on May 31, Kathleen Wilker, co-chair of our Cycling Champions, was deservedly recognized by the City with the Timmerman Award.

All of these events were possible only because of the engagement and commitment of the residents of Hintonburg who support our activities with their time. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Hintonburg. Without you, none of our efforts to organize events would ever come to fruition. Our committees include Zoning, Security, Communications, Environment, Arts, The Hintonburg Cycling Champions, Schools, Traffic and others that do the heavy lifting. Dozens of volunteers from these committees worked tirelessly to achieve the results we did during that week. More volunteers organize and run events like the Centennial 5k, Craft Fair, Movie Nights and the Kringle event during the rest of the year.

Every bit as important are the many members of the community who put in the many hours of work on city planning and development issues, as well as security issues. Those are at the core of our activies, and our volunteers' commitment ot putting in long hours of work have helped define a vision for Hintonburg that has been developed by the residents themselves, and recognized in planning documents by the City.

None of our activities would be possible without the financial support of the local business community which has responded enthusiastically year after year to our sponsorship program. Their names are at the bottom of this email. Multiple members of the community such as Nat Myles at the Elmdale Tavern, Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey of the Parkdale United Church, Annie Hillis of the West Wellington BIA, and the staff and owners of the Hintonburger and Cyclelogik all worked with us on several of the events from May 28 to June 4 to organize our events and get the community engaged. Throughout the year, many, many more individuals become deeply engaged in our work with their own resources, energy, and creativity.

Looking ahead this summer, we still need to run the Hintonburg 5k, our Movie Nights, continue our development and security work, our communications efforts and more. By now, you have all heard about the proposed Tega tower and we will, of course, be busy responding to that development.

We hope we can continue to meet the needs and wants ofour membership at the same level as we have. To do this, we need three things from residents:
- Your continued engagement is critical. It seems as though no fundraiser, event or email campaign goes unnoticed by Hintonburgers, and we can always count on your participation.
 - Secondly, we need you to become members of the Association. Paid membership for $5 indicates to City Hall that you support our efforts, and that we speak with a community voice. It makes a difference.
 - Finally, we need you to continue volunteering to help us hold our events.

If residents help us with these three things - engagement, membership, and volunteering - we will continue to be among the best-organized, financed, and energetic community associations in the city, protecting Hintonburg's interests at City Hall. Your efforts on the community's behalf do not go unnoticed by our Councillor, the Mayor, our MPP or our MP. The Board of Directors wishes to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you accomplished during this busy period, for all the hard work that went into preparations for these events and activities, and for participating and making them a success. We look forward to serving you in the months ahead.

Together, Hintonburg residents are a force to be reckoned with.

Safe cycling letter

We were recently copied on a letter by a resident to the city and police about unsafe cycling practices in the 'hood. Our Cycling Champion committee co-chairs Kathleen Wilker and Stefan Matiation took the opportunity to talk about the activities they've undertaken to promote safe cycling:

To promote safe cycling in the neighbourhood, The Hintonburg Community Association has set up a cycling committee called the Hintonburg Cycling Champions. Since the group formed in November 2010, the Hintonburg Cycling Champions have undertaken a number of projects to promote cycling and to increase cycling safety.

We conducted an online survey to identify key issues for cyclists. 94% of the 141 people who responded to the survey said that partnering with the City to influence cycling policy and facility design would be an effective way to encourage cycling. So we joined cycling advocates from around the city in speaking up for the Laurier Segregated Bike Lane project. Work has begun on this Segregated Bike Lane and it is expected to open by mid summer. The Cycling Champions are now working with the Dalhousie Community Association to identify safe bike routes and bike lanes that would join our neighbourhoods to the Laurier Segregated Bike Lane as having safe routes to cycle around the neighbourhood and through the city was a top priority for survey respondents.

The Cycling Champions also arranged to have introductory CANBike Courses offered to students at local schools, and began an After School Bike Club at Devonshire Public School to teach safe cycling and basic bike maintenance to students in grades 1-3. A number of neighbourhood schools held successful spring bike rodeos to promote safe and active transportation to school. And a recent all ages bike parade from Hintonburg Park to Parkdale Park was well attended by residents, councillor Hobbs and MP Paul Dewar. The Wellington West BIA donated bike bells -- mandatory bike safety equipment -- to all parade participants.

The Cycling Champions promote safe cycling in the neighbourhood and around the city and advise cyclists to obey the rules of the road and drivers to be aware of cyclists and to share the road with cyclists. The need for consideration and safety of all road users is especially important in a construction zone. When construction on the Somerset bridge is complete, it will include bike lanes that will make the route safer for everyone using it.

With more and more Ottawa residents taking to the streets on bikes and more and more measures like bike lanes, signed bike routes, connections between recreational trails and city streets and cycling education, cycling is becoming a safer way for people to get around. The Cycling Champions hope that police will treat this upcoming blitz as an education campaign for all road users and be sure to promote safe sharing of the road between cyclists and motorists.

Wellington Street West Community Design Plan Meeting

A Community Design Plan is now under consideration for the area bounded by Spencer, Wellington West, Parkdale and Holland. Changes to the permitted height and land uses are being proposed. The HCA is hosting a public meeting on Thursday, April 7 from 7-9 pm in the Wellington Room of the Hintonburg Community Centre. A copy of the Draft Community Design Plan, the proposed zoning changes, and the proposed Official Plan Amendment can be found here. Ottawa's Planning Committee will be considering these documents and making a descision to accept or amend the recommendations on April 12 at 9:30 in the Champlain Room at 110 Laurier Avenue.

Public Forum: Hintonburg Hub, April 4, 7-9pm, Hintonburg Community Association

An important meeting about this initiative proposed for our neighbourhood. More accessible health and social services and affordable housing for the Hintonburg area are recommendations in the Neighbourhood Plan approved by City Council in February 2010. Somerset West Community Health Centre and the Salvation Army, working with other community partners, will present a proposal to provide these services at 1134-1140 Wellington Street (the Bethany Hope Centre & parking lots). The HCA Board has informed the Hintonburg Hub Partners that we support the concept in principle but have some concerns: The HCA is committed to preserving the existing Bethany Hope Centre building through designation (exterior only) under the Ontario Heritage Act, and have formally requested the City of Ottawa to consider this designation. We believe that the building will lend itself to adaptive re-use, and sensitive adjacent development. It is an important symbol of the Salvation Army’s long term service to the community.
The HCA supports the development of mixed income housing on the site, and we look forward to working with CCOC and the Hub on the details of the massing and site layout.
The HCA is committed to the Safe Zones established for the needle exchange program in our community. This site, surrounded by a library, primary school and senior centre, is not appropriate for a needle exchange site.

Kitchissippi Public Meetings - Les Soeurs de la Visitation (114 Richmond Rd.)

Councillor Katherine Hobbs invites residents to have their say on the possible purchase of parkland at the former Les Soeurs de la Visitation site. The meetings are scheduled as follows:

March 1, 7-9 pm at the Hintonburg Community Centre, 1064 Wellington Street West
March 2, 7-9 pm at Hilson Avenue Public School, 407 Hilson Avenue
March 5, 3-5 PM at the Churchill Seniors Centre, 345 Ricmond Road
March 6, 3-5 pm at the ottawa Civic Hospital Ampitheatre (main building across from Ruskin Street)

A meeting yet to be determined will be held at the Champlain Park field house.

City meeting on small scale infill development

Kitchissippi is the fastest growing central area in Ottawa. Intensification and its effects have been a top concern for residents in the ward.

The City’s Planning and Growth Management Department will be holding meetings on small scale residential infill development with the public, including one in Kitchissippi on February 17th at 7-9 PM at Connaught Public School, 1149 Gladstone Avenue. City Staff will give a presentation and are asking residents to provide feedback on the survey of infill development the city has undertaken. Aesthetic, Social and Environmental concerns will be discussed and your solutions to the challenges of infill development will be recorded. The evening will be a great opportunity for all of us concerned with the direction and character of residential infill to voice our concerns and engage with staff to direct future infill towards a better result for our communities. This is especially important as we work towards a review of the Official Plan in 2012. Learn more about this unique opportunity at visit www.ottawa.ca/infill

Security Alert


3 Attacks on women in the late afternoon.There have been 3 reported attacks on women walking on sidewalks, between 4 & 6pm. Robbery is not the objective - one woman was hit on the head with a hammer and needed stitches. The second attack was on Dec. 11, 2010 at 5:20pm around Hamilton & Spencer just 35 minutes after the first at Albert & City Centre. The third attack was Jan. 4, 2011 at Bay & Gilmour.


White male, between 18 and 25 years of age, with a slim build, dark wavy hair, and possibly a mustache.

Be alert. Don’t wear earphones while walking so you are aware of your surroundings.. If you have any information on these attacks call: Sgt. Dave Veinotte 613-236-1222, ext. 5309 or Crime Stoppers at 613-233-8477(TIPS)

Report any suspicious activity to:

Hintonburg Community Police Officer: Cst. Andrew Milton at 613-236-1222 x 5871. Hintonburg Community Association Security Committee at info@hintonburg.com

Temporary route detour to route #2

OC Transpo is advising that the westbound #2 on Somerset Street West, between Preston Street and Wellington Street, and on Somerset Street West, between Wellington Street West and Carruthers, is being temporarily disrupted due to the roadway construction. From October 25 to November 5, westbound buses will be re-routed from Somerset to travel via Preston, west on Albert and Scott, south on Bayview, west on Armstrong, and south on Carruthers to Wellington. The eastbound bus will remain on Wellington and will not be detoured.

For further info, visit octranspo.com.

Hintonburg Community Association seeks community protections in wake of prostitution ruling

Hintonburg Community Association seeks community protections in wake of prostitution ruling

October 5, 2010 - In reaction to Tuesday’s prostitution law ruling by Ontario Superior Court Judge Susan Himel, the Hintonburg Community Association (HCA) is calling on municipal, provincial and federal authorities to ensure steps are taken to protect communities in a legal vacuum.

 “Communities acutely affected by drugs and street-level prostitution require strong protections against their detrimental and demoralizing effects in residential areas," said Pat O'Brien, president of the HCA. "We consider that sections of the Code prohibiting communication for the purpose of prostitution, living off the avails of prostitution, and keeping a common bawdy house, were important provisions to help mitigate their effects."

“For communities dealing with prostitution, drug dealing and problem properties, the solution is not to leave them with no laws and no other options,” said O’Brien. “These changes will have a harmful effect on our community’s ability to deal with these important issues.”

In the wake of the effective decriminalization of prostitution, police will lose some of their abilities to protect communities from an influx of johns who exploit both women and the communities in which those women are forced to work due to addiction. The HCA is calling in the immediate term for authorities to make a commitment to protection for vulnerable communities, and to meaningfully engage communities throughout the next steps.

For further information, please contact Pat O'Brien, 613.798.7987

Upcoming meetings for Kitchissippi candidates

Ward Debates:
All-candidates debate. Monday, Oct. 18 7-9 (doors open at 6:30). St. George's Parish Hall. 415 Piccadilly.

Proposed amendment to HCA constitution

(Pursuant to section 13 of the Constitution)

The Board of Directors proposes that section 8.3 of the Constitution be amended to increase the maximum term that an individual may serve as Treasurer from two consecutive years to four.

Section 8.3 of the Constitution currently provides:

"8.3 Tenure limits and Service Requirement

a) The position of President and Treasurer shall not be held by the same individuals for more than two (2) consecutive terms.
b) The President and at least one other member of the Executive Committee must have served on the Board of Directors within the previous two years."

The Board proposes that section 8.3 be amended to provide (changes shown in underline):

"8.3 Tenure limits and Service Requirement

a) The position of President (delete “and Treasurer”) shall not be held by the same individual for more than two (2) consecutive terms.
b) The position of Treasurer shall not be held by the same individual for more than four (4) consecutive terms.
c) The President and at least one other member of the Executive Committee must have served on the Board of Directors within the previous two years."

The proposed amendment will be considered and voted on at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). A two-thirds vote of Members in Good Standing present at the AGM is required to adopt the amendment.

For information only, the proposed amendment would read in French:


(En vertu de la section 13 des statuts)

Le conseil d’administration propose de modifier la section 8.3 des statuts afin d’augmenter la durée maximale du mandat de trésorier de deux à quatre années consécutives.

Présentement, la section 8.3 des statuts prescrit ce qui suit:

«8.3 Durée maximale du mandat des membres et exigences relatives à la signification

a) Les postes de président et de trésorier ne doivent pas être occupés par les mêmes individus pour plus de deux (2) mandats consécutifs.
b) Le président et au moins un autre membre du comité exécutif doit avoir siégé au conseil d’administration au cours des deux dernières années.»

Le conseil d’administration propose que la section 8.3 soit modifiée afin de prescrire ce qui suit (les changements sont soulignés) :

«8.3 Durée maximale du mandat des membres et exigences relatives à la signification

a) Le poste de président (supprimer et « de trésorier ») ne doit pas être occupé par le même individu pour plus de deux (2) mandats consécutifs.
b) Le poste de trésorier ne doit pas être occupé par un même individu pour plus de quatre (4) mandats consécutifs.
c) Le président et au moins un autre membre du comité exécutif doit avoir siégé au conseil d’administration au cours des deux dernières années.»

Les amendements proposés seront considérés et votés lors de l’Assemblée générale annuelle (AGA). Un vote des deux-tiers des membres en règle présents à l’AGA est requis afin que l’amendement soit adopté.

Message from Councillor Leadman: Westmount expropriations

The councillor has asked me to pass along this update to you regarding the homes on Westmount being expropriated for the widening of the Parkdale Ramp. We have had a few people contact the office worried about safety and property standards issues that might result when the homes are vacated so Councillor Leadman wanted to make sure you had the update she received.
The Ministry has hired a security company to keep an eye on the vacant properties, and a maintenance company to make sure the lawns and outdoor spaces are kept clean and trimmed. Most importantly, the Ministry will be implementing a "moving demolition" policy this fall. Once they have acquired several houses in a row, they will proceed with tearing those homes down to avoid security issues.
Right now, the Ministry is in the process of acquiring and vacating a few of the properties, and anticipates they will be ready for their first demolition sometime this fall. As soon as that is scheduled, I will be sure to pass that information along.
The councillor has also alerted Jake Gravelle (the property standards officer for the area) and Andrew Milton (the community officer) so they can keep an eye on it as well.

Alert - CPR courses

An organization called Canadian Council for Safety and Families is contacting residents offering CPR and First Aid courses in the community. This organization is not supported by nor is it affiliated with the Hintonburg Community Association or the City in any way. They have rented a room from the City at the Hintonburg Community Centre to deliver the CPR instruction.

We understand that they do not always have literature on their courses to leave with people and they have not always provided their contact information. Their phone is 613-715-9700 (answered by volunteers) and the person in charge is Serge Leduc and he has provided his cell phone number 613-282-2902 and e-mail ccsf@rogers.com You should only provide a cheque or cash to someone you feel comfortable doing business with. You should never give money if you feel pressured. CPR & First Aid courses are also offered through the City website at: ottawa.ca/recreation and some classes are free of charge. The Hintonburg Community Centre says that it can also arrange a CPR class through the City if 10 or more people request it as a group - the HCC number is 613-798-8874.

Hintonburg Park Redevelopment News

Hintonburg Park is now closed for the summer as the redevelopment project proceeds in earnest. D&G Landscaping, an Ottawa landscape construction company, has been contracted by the City to conduct the project. This will comprise moving the existing play structures to accommodate a new splash pad, together with landscaping, park lighting and other improvements. The City's optimistic schedule is for all work within the walls of the park to be completed by the end of August or first week of September. An additional three to four weeks will be needed to allow new sod to take root. Some final work on the Fairmont and Duhamel entranceways will be completed by the wall contractor once the work inside the park is finished. Questions about the project can be directed to the City planner, Kevin Wherry, who can be reached at Kevin.Wherry@ottawa.ca or (613) 580-2424 ext. 24350. If you wish to speak to someone at the HCA about the project, please contact us at info@hintonburg.com.

Substantial portion of OC Transpo route #18 restored

The HCA has received the following letter from Kitchissippi Councillor Leadman:
Hello Everyone, I am proud to announce the return of the number 18 bus. OC Transpo will be reinstating the 18 from St. Laurent to Carlingwood beginning in September. This is not a reinstatement of the full route which used to extend to Britannia Park, but the majority of it will be back. There will be the opportunity to transfer at Carlingwood Shopping Centre should residents wish to continue on to the park.
I, in conjunction with overwhelming support from the community, was able to present a solid case for the reinstatement of the route 18. This change will greatly improve access to transit service and make connections to major destinations more convenient. This represents the second increase in operating resources OC Transpo has made in the last two years, exclusively for Kitchissippi Ward.
I know this is an integral route for this area and that it was a large blow to you all when it was taken away last year. Reinstating it will greatly improve transit access for many of you.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you as well as this would not have been possible without the incredible community support for this route.
OC Transpo will be making changes to route 18 in the area west of Bayview Station starting in September. These changes will provide service to and from Carlingwood and will operate all day roughly between the times of 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., including rush hours.
This change will provide a connection from stops along Richmond Road to Carlingwood at more times of the day and provide longer hours of service along Scott Street, Woodroffe Avenue and Churchill Avenue, between Westboro Station and Tunney’s Pasture Station. It will also provide more trips to and from downtown along Scott Street, east of Tunney’s Pasture Station during peak times. The specific details of trip times will be available on www.octranspo.com in mid-August.
Please pass this information on to anyone else you know affected by the routes cancellation as I am sure I don't have the contact information for everyone who has been affected.
Thank you all again for your work on this and support.
Kindest regards,
Christine Leadman

Tennessy Willems patio

In late April, the Committee of Adjustment denied the application for a patio behind the new Tennessy Willems restaurant. As many in the community are aware, the HCA opposed the request for the necessary variances that would have allowed the patio to operate. Since that time, many in the community have asked why the Association was opposed to the patio, and some have suggested that opposition to patios is a matter of Association policy.
In fact, the HCA, in general, considers that the neighbourhood needs more patios, and we are willing to work to support those when appropriate. In this particular instance, the patio would have been within a few feet of a neighbouring residence (less than 1m). While the Association has no reason to believe that this restaurant will be the source of nuisance in the community, our history leads us to be cautious. While the Tennessy Willems restaurant will likely be a positive addition to the community, the variance allowing it would survive the business.
In past, "bad bars" have created significant problems in Hintonburg. Our volunteers have spent countless hours working to close bars that were the source of weapons, prostitution and drugs in the community. In the event this restaurant does not survive - and we hope it's around to serve Hintonburgers for a long time to come - the next property might not be such a postitive addition.
We have encouraged the owners of Tennessy Willems to consider modifying the window at the front of the building to a roll-up or folding window and request an agreement from the City to set up a patio in front of the building. After all, that is part of the reason why the sidewalks were widened. However, we are comfortable that our opposition to putting a patio within less than one metre of a residence was correct. We further hope that residents of Hintonburg will encourage the owners of restaurants in our area to create street-side patios.

Parkdale Re-development

Click here to see information about the re-development of Parkdale Park.

Bell Canada Utility Box Pilot Project

The Hintonburg Community Association, Councillor Christine Leadman and Bell Canada have collaborated, to offer a unique opportunity to artists to enhance their neighbourhood this Spring. In an attempt to discourage the repeated graffiti tagging of the Bell Canada Utility boxes, a pilot public art project has been launched seeking artists to paint murals on a select number of boxes. Full information and more details can be found here.

Hintonburg Arts Committee meetings! 

Third Thursday of every month. For more details and location please email James Valcke.

HCA hires summer student

The Hintonburg Community Association would like to welcome Mahreen Nabi. Through Canada Summer Jobs, Mahreen will be working for 6 weeks with the HCA’s board on membership, outreach and other projects. Mahreen is a MA Anthropology candidate studying Socio-Cultural Anthropology of the Diaspora at Carleton University. Her past work experience within the non-profit community reflects her commitment to local priorities. We wish her the best of luck this summer!

Hintonburg Park Redevelopment Meeting 

(May 2009) Public meeting held on May 13 at the Hintonburg Community Centre

The City of Ottawa’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department is seeking your input with respect to the redevelopment of Hintonburg Park.

The proposed redevelopment, which is expected to occur in phases, will include consideration for the lowering of two sections of walls bordering
the park, relocation of the existing play structure, additional park seating, realignment of the park’s main pathway and potential for new
pathway lighting.

You are invited to attend the community consultation to discuss and provide comment on the proposed park changes. Representatives from Councillor
Leadman’s office and City staff will be available to answer questions.

Heritage Reference List 

(May 2009) Heritage Committee volunteers are updating the Heritage Reference List
You may have seen (or you will soon see) a volunteer from the HCA Heritage Committee photographing houses on your street. The Committee is updating
the City of Ottawa Heritage Reference List, prepared in the 1970s. Heritage staff use the list when development applications come in in order to assess whether a building merits further investigation and possible protection or designation. The list is most useful when demolition is proposed. The list is out of date since many buildings have already
disappeared through fire or demolition and others have been significantly altered over the years.

Buildings on the Reference List are not protected by the Ontario Heritage Act, so your renovation plans will not be affected. Some homes in our neighbourhood may merit designation and we would like to hear from you if you think your home or a home on your street should be designated.
Please contact us at info@hintonburg.com.

HCA Board urges use of infrastructure spending to expand Community Centre

(April 2009) The HCA was asked by Councillor Leadman's office to outline its priorities for new federal infrastructure spending in our ward. Here is our response:

Ms. Leadman,

The Hintonburg Community Association considered recently the list of potential infrastructure projects proposed for our ward, and thank you for soliciting our feedback with respect to prioritizing those. While all of the projects are worthy, we consider that revitalizing the Hintonburg Community Centre (HCC) should be both our and your top priority among the many spending choices the City will face.While we are pleased to see both revitalization of Parkdale Park and the wall surrounding Hintonburg Park on the list of potential projects - both items that we consider important - we believe that none of the projects on the list can have the same impact to the quality of life in our community. We believe that funding will eventually be found for both of the latter, but that the Hintonburg Community Centre will not be used to its full potential without the kind of extraordinary funding that the City is now seeing.

We have noted for many years, both to yourself and your predecessors, that recreational programming for youth is sorely lacking in our community, due in large part to a lack of available facilities. Without significant capital expenditure to use the unused space at the HCC, we believe that this situation will be perpetuated well into the future. Given that youth programming has the potential to have a long-term effect in reducing costly social problems in our neighbourhood, we consider that any new infrastructure money would be well-spent on this project. It is also worth noting that this building is fully accessible, and well-used by both those with physical challenges and by senior citizens.

The HCA would be very pleased to expand on this at your convenience.

Yours truly,
Jeff Leiper
President, HCA

HCA to support Galpin defence fund

(April 2009) The Board of Directors, at its most recent meeting in April, voted to make a contribution to the legal defence fund for Albert Galpin, one of the most outspoken opponents of the current location of the parole office at 191 Gilmour Street. Mr. Galpin is currently being sued, in his capacity as an individual, for the role he played in expressing his community's opposition to the parole office location. The landlord is currently seeking several million dollars to compensate for lost revenues and in punitive damages that he feels ensued from Mr. Galpin's criticism of the parole office location, and subsequent commitment by the government to re-locate it. Groups including the Hintonburg Community Association and others face an increasing risk of similar suits from landlords, developers, and others with a financial interest in minimizing public opposition to their activities. While the HCA is incorporated and adheres strictly to its by-laws and transparent processes to minimize the risk of legal exposure, suits such as these can nonetheless result in significant legal bills when individuals are sued rather than the corporation. For this reason, we feel compelled to support Mr. Galpin in his defence. Community members who wish to donate to Mr. Galpin's defence fund may visit http://ottawaparoleofficelegaldefencefund.myshopify.com for further details.

 1010 Somerset West proposed as potential parole office re-location site

March 31 Update. Correctional Service of Canada has withdrawn its proposal to locate a parole office at 1010 Somerset. Thank you to all who took the time to give us their feedback. We have removed the feedback form, but are always pleased to hear your thoughts about neighbourhood development by writing to us at info@hintonburg.com.

[March 20 update] The HCA is in touch with the Plant Pool Recreation Association, which has been in contact with Correctional Service of Canada. PPRA were provided by CSC with the information that follows, as well as a copy of the CSC's 2006 guidelines on locating parole offices, which can be found
here (PDF format)

(March 2009) The HCA has been made aware that office space at 1010 Somerset Street West has been proposed as a potential re-location site for the Ottawa parole office. The site is the Public Works property just to the east of the O-Train tracks. Correctional Services is holding consultations with the community on both this site and a potential site at 831 Industrial Avenue. The Somerset location will be considered at a Town Hall on March 30 at 7 pm at the Bronson Centre. The Industrial location will be considered at a Town Hall at the Chimo Inn on March 31 at 7 pm.

The invitation to attend the Town Hall for the Somerset location is available here. A fact sheet about the potential relocation is available here (both documents in Word format).

Correctional Service of Canada has also indicated that it will be holding an online consultation to provide an opportunity for feedback at http://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/consultation/. This site also contains further information about the background to this proposal. CSC's online consultation is open until April 1.

The HCA has not yet adopted a position either in opposition or not to the proposed site. We know the site is in relatively close proximity to Devonshire School (as well as the Plant Recreation Centre), and that proximity to a school is likely a key reason why CSC wishes to move the office from its current Elgin street location. We will be in close touch with our school trustee Jennifer McKenzie, MP Paul Dewar, MPP Yasir Naqvi, with councillor Christine Leadman, and others throughout this process.

We are very interested in hearing your feedback on the proposal. By using the form below, you can send your comments to us, and to the officials listed above, as well as to Correctional Services. Thank your for your time in making your thoughts known. You can also write directly to the HCA at info@hintonburg.com. The site is not located within Hintonburg proper, so the HCA will also be in touch with the Dalhousie Community Association as well as Councillor Diane Holmes.

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