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67 Pinhey

3 storey duplex

  • Owner demolished a 2 storey duplex in order to build a new 3 storey duplex.
  • HCA requested a front deck/porch to match the existing pattern of development

28 April 2014


51 Pinhey

3 storey triplex

  • Applicant proposes to build a 3 storey triplex on this corner lot. Access will be from Pinhey (1 unit) and from Armstrong. 2 parking spaces will be provided in a carport.
  • HCA requested some changes to minimize impact on neighbours

28 April 2014


1560 Scott Street

12 storey office tower

  • A third office tower is proposed on the southeast corner of the site (at the corner of Bullman St. and Hamilton Ave North). Presently, there is a single storey extension of the complex podium on the site of the new tower, with underground parking beneath. The new proposed tower would be 12 storeys. No additional underground parking is proposed as part of the development.
  • D02-02-14-0012

28 April 2014


178 Carruthers

Possible 4-storey, 24 unit apartment building

  • We have information that this property, which was the site of a recent police raid and arrest, is being considered for demolition and construction of a 4-storey apartment building with 24 units. The zoning on this site would permit an apartment building of that height (the zoning is different than the other properties nearby on Carruthers, which permits only 3 storeys and prohibits apartment buildings).

28 April 2014


84-96 Hinton

Demolition of 4 houses. Construction of 4-storey apartment building.

  • A representative of Takyan Inc. has met with the HCA Zoning Committee with a preliminary proposal to demolish the existing 4 houses and construct a 4-storey apartment building. Takyan and Black Iris Developments, which has been in the news recently for controversial student housing proposals (e.g., in Old Ottawa South), share the same owner. An apartment building is permitted in the “mixed use centre” area at this location on Hinton. However, two of the houses (92, 96) are listed on the city’s Heritage Registry, and so might be considered for heritage protection. Since there has only been a preliminary outreach, the HCA will continue to follow this.

28 April 2014


37 Ladouceur / 53 Merton

8 units

  • New construction of 6 unit rowhouses and 2 semi-detached units. 3 storeys.

28 April 2014


92 Merton

Single house

  • A single house is proposed to replace the existing house. The architect is Rhys Phillips, who is well-known for advocating improved architectural design in Ottawa. Under construction.

28 April 2014


50 Bayswater

9-storey addition on Somerset and 4 storeys on Bayswater

  • This is the 17-storey “Suites of Somerset” apartment building at the corner of Somerset and Bayswater. Preliminary plans have been presented to the HCA Zoning Committee by the owner for a 9-storey addition to replace the 1-storey office on Somerset, and for a 4-storey addition at the site of the garage ramp on Bayswater. These conform with the zoning. The West Wellington CDP had addressed this site, with the corner being designated a “gateway” eligible for up to 9-storeys.

28 April 2014


145 Bayswater

Single house infill

  • A single house is planned as infill in what is now a parking area and side yard between the existing houses.

28 April 2014


101 Armstrong

Semi-detached home (2 units).

  • Skywell Homes is planning to remove the existing house and build a semi-detached house with 2 units, with one unit at the front and the other to the rear. After meeting with the HCA Zoning Committee and neighbours, the rear unit was pulled forward to afford more privacy to the adjacent house. The HCA had no objection to the revised plans.

28 April 2014


1040 Somerset (at Breezehill - SE corner)

30-storey mixed use tower


 28 April 2014


12 Stirling (Odawa Centre, at Scott)

19 storey tower, 3 storey townhouses on Carruthers

  • The former school building is being redeveloped into condos (retaining the building); we hear that there are to be 9 condos in the school building.
  • 3-storey townhouses are to be built to the south.
  • The developer has decided not to proceed yet with the tower portion of the development on Scott until the Scott St Community Design Plan has been completed. The CDP proposed no specific height limit, but would require that it be below a 45 degree angular plane starting from the adjacent low-rise existing buildings to the south.
  • The tower portion of the development is likely a few years in the future, while the conversion of the school will begin soon.
  • The original proposal was:
  • Retain the existing school and convert it to 26 residential condos, adding two stories on top, set back from the roof edge.
  • Build four 3 storey freehold townhouses on Carruthers next to the existing homes
  • Build a 19 storey mixed use building with most of the height on the north west corner of the site with underground parking for the 122 units in the tower and the school units accessed from Carruthers
  • Create a two-way section of Carruthers (which is one-way southbound) to force those exiting the parking to exit onto Scott St.
  • City seems to want retail and commercial uses at the ground floor level along Scott St.
  • Mixed use will consist of this ground floor non-residential and 1 level of office use above the retail
  • The HCA's feedback to the developer on the original proposal is here.
  • Demolition of the gymnasium attached to the former school/Odawa Centre is complete

28 April 2014


25 Rosemount

conversion of former Seniors’ residence to 21 student apartments

  • The city issued an “order to comply” in September (2013) since the owner had converted the building illegally (no building permit, not permitted by zoning). We expect the owner to apply for rezoning.
  • The residents of the Seniors Residence were evicted last Fall (2013).The residence was converted to 21 bachelor apartments (without full kitchens), which were advertised as student housing.The zoning at this site (residential R4) does not permit apartment buildings of this size (limit is 8 units). The Seniors Residence appeared to have been grandfathered to exist in this zone.

 12 September 2013


63 Pinhey

3 storey single family home

  • Larco Corp (developer) has purchased this vacant lot and proposes to build a luxury single family home
  • http://www.larcohintonburg.com/

12 September, 2013


233 Armstrong

(north of Parkdale Park)

18 storey and 8 storey mixed use towers on 2-3 storey podium proposed by Tega

  • The Tega proposal was rejected by the Planning Committee of City Council. Tega has filed an appeal with the OMB. The OMB will be hearing their appeal this summer (2014).
  • Tega Developments originally proposed a 36 storey tower on this site which was opposed by the HCA and not supported by the City.
  • They have subsequently applied for re-zoning to allow 18 and 8 storey towers on a 2-3 storey podium. The file number is D02-02-13-0004. A new plan was filed with the City on May 24, substantially similar to the most recent plan seen by the HCA and noted on this site on May 11.
  • The HCA met with the developers and their architect.  We oppose this proposal since the zoning on the site is 8 storeys, recently set by City Council in a Community Design Plan (CDP), and because the design proposed lacked architectural excellence and would have a negative impact on Parkdale Park.
  • The history of this proposal is documented at http://hintonburg.com/attika.html.
  • The OMB hearing about this proposal is scheduled for 6 days, starting at 10:00 am on July 2 2014 in the Keefer Room, Ottawa City Hall. The HCA is a party in this hearing and residents may request participant status.


16 August 2013


BA Banknote Co. (block of Gladstone between Breezehill and Loretta)

Renovation as packing and distribution facility

  • The BA Bank Note company was sold to Canadian Bank Note in 2013. The HCA has met with CBN's management. The company intends to renovate the existing facility for use as a packing and distribution centre for its Richmond Road facility.

16 August 2013


133 Armstrong

(at Pinhey)

4 townhouses

  • A rundown building (previously a problem property) with former barber shop was torn down for redevelopment of the lot with 4 townhouses, which are currently under construction.
  • The HCA had expressed concerns about the original proposed development, in terms of design, proximity of facades to street, and density (originally 6 units).
  • A large number of variances were required from the zoning, which resulted in an application to the Committee of Adjustment. The proposal was refused by the Committee of Adjustment.
  • The owners then appealed the refusal to the Ontario Municipal Board, and the appeal was heard on November 13, 2012.
  • The owners had altered the plans somewhat, and confirm that there will be 4 units, not the 6 previously proposed.
  • The OMB found in favour of the owners, and approved the plans.
  • The OMB decision can be found here: [http://www.omb.gov.on.ca/e-decisions/pl120564-Dec-21-2012.pdf]

12 Janaury 2013


1000 Wellington

6-storey mixed use (~45 units)

  • A 6-storey condo building with commercial on the ground floor is currently under construction by Windmill developments (http://www.theeddy.ca/).
  • Windmill's submission to the Urban Design Review Panel here.
  • Windmill's application documents to the City are here.


12 January 2013


Hintonburg Hub

30 Rosemount

  • The “Hintonburg Hub” is a community medical centre that will be located at 30 Rosemount, in the large brick commercial building just south of the library.
  • The Hub will be a satellite of Somerset West Community Health Centre (SWCHC), and will provide primary medical care (family physicians, etc.) and health promotion services for anyone in the community.
  • The existing building is being renovated for this new use. The main floor of the building will be renovated for a medical clinic. The upper floor will be renovated to provide several multi-purpose rooms for health programming and community services.
  • Updates can be found on the SWCHC website: www.swchc.on.ca.

12 January 2013


1140 Wellington

(Bethany Hope Centre)

Zoning established by the Wellington West CDP

  • Taggart Construction / Tamarack Homes has purchased the site including the Bethany Hope Centre and parking lot at corner of Rosemount.
  • A 6-storey condo building is planned soon for the corner of Rosemount and Wellington. Future development of a 13-storey building is planned for behind the Bethany Hope Centre building.
  • An expansion of Rosemount Public Library into the ground floor of the new 6-storey building is being considered.
  • The Bethany Hope Centre building has received heritage designation, and the building (excluding rear addition) and front lawn are protected.
  • The Salvation Army had opposed this, and also had appealed the zoning established by the recent community design plan (6 storeys) to the Ontario Municipal Board. The settlement by the City included increased height in exchange for the lost potential at Bethany House, with 13 storeys behind Bethany. The parking lot at Rosemount remains at 6 stories.

12 January 2013


250 Parkdale (at Scott)

28 storeys, 150-180 units

  • Richcraft has been successful in purchasing some adjacent property, but have no details yet. Richcraft proposes to establsih a sales centre for a Richraft project on Parkdale in Mechanicsville, north of Scott. Tenants in the existing houses have been evicted and the houses boarded up.
  • Richcraft developments has a preliminary proposal for a 28 storey condo tower with 150-180 units possible
  • The HCA first met with Richcraft in a preliminary meeting to show concept to HCA Zoning Committee in November, 2011. The developer has been trying to increase the size of the lot, which is very small, by acquiring adjacent property to the west. This has apparently been unsuccessful, and Richcraft has informed us that it plans to proceed soon.

12 January 2013


1050 Somerset (at Breezehill SW corner)

23 storey mixed use development with retail at street level and 195 condo units proposed by Claridge

  • The 23 storey proposal has been approved.
  • The HCA and Claridge settled the HCA’s appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board of the tower proposed for 1050 Somerset. The full details are here.

28 October 2012