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The Hintonburg Community Association (HCA) works on your behalf to protect and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by all residents of our neighbourhood. Our Board of Directors has been keeping a watchful eye on the planning for the Light Rail Corridor, particularly the proposed stations at Gladstone and at Bayview.

What do you want your neighbourhood to become?
In 2006, the City of Ottawa embarked on a "Neighbourhood Planning" initiative for which Hintonburg is one of two pilot communities and, rest assured, the HCA is at the table. The Main Street Community Design Plan and the Wellington Street reconstruction are rolled into the Neighbourhood Planning process.

Keeping fit in Hintonburg
Hintonburg residents enjoy a plethora of fitness and recreation activities at their doorstep
See our new page Cycling in Hintonburg for the latest City initiatives to make cycling here safer, and to provide feedback.

The Hintonburg Supper Club
The Hintonburg Supper Club supports local restaurants and provides an opportunity for Hintonburgers to get to know their neighbours.

Schools in or adjoining Hintonburg
The HCA has a long and successful history of calling attention to the need to preserve the educational facilities in our community.
Ottawa Public Library
We don't just love our Rosemount Avenue library, we use it!

Security - HCA Security Committee Website
The HCA actively works with local government, police and the community to ensure that problems are dealt with in a fair and expedient manner. Street-level prostitution is one such issue and a pamphlet, Dispelling the Myths, documents and gives voice to those whose lives have been negatively affected by such activity.

Traffic in older, growing neighbourhoods is always a concern and with planned major road renewal scheduled soon for Hintonburg, it will continue to be an issue to watch.

The HCA is concerned that any new development be compatible with our community and enhance our neighbourhoods. We are also deeply involved in trying to improve municipal policies that determine what is built in Hintonburg and in the city at large.

Arts and heritage
Hintonburg has a rich history, a remarkable built heritage and a lively arts community.

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