Planning and Development (Zoning)

We work hard to ensure that any new development in Hintonburg is compatable with our community and enhances our neighbourhood. We are deeply involved in trying to improve municiple policies that determine what is built here and in the city at large so that you have more confidence in the transparency, fairness, and integrity of the planning approvals process in Ottawa.

As a community association, and together as a community, we have learned a great deal over the years, Additional major development proposals are on the way in Hintonburg. We need to work with developers and the City to ensure projects are appropriate. We are also ready to fight if the interests of our community are ignored.

We are stronger as a community when we are informed and engaged about development issues. This will help us ensure that the City of Ottawa is fully accountable for its planning processes and decisions. This includes:

  • listening to and addressing our concerns
  • meeting the highest standards of transparency
  • demanding excellence from developers in design and quality construction
  • ensuring direct and tangible community benefits for us in developments as a condition of their approval.

We continue to keep a watchful eye on planning for the neighbourhood, especially the Light Rail Corridor development, particularly the upcoming stations at Bayview and eventually at Gladstone.

If you have specific input or concerns regarding the direction of development in our community, we would be happy to hear from you through

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