Magee House Stabilization Work Resumes

Folks strolling down Wellington West on Friday were delighted to see workman resuming the work of stabilizing Magee House’s walls and roof. Indeed some clapped their hands when they saw the hardhats and building materials. 

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Free Our Sidewalk Rally – Awareness Raising Mission Accomplished

  Numerous chants of  “free our sidewalk” were loudly heard along Wellington St. West on Wednesday morning, July 24th, 2019 as over one hundred Hintonburg residents and business owners gathered at the Magee House sidewalk barricade to mark the one year anniversary of the collapse of Magee House’s west wall.

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Free Our Sidewalk Rally At Magee House And a Legal Opinion

Come out to our rally at 8am on July 24th at Wellington W. at Rosemount. It’s one of the few options we have as residents to engage stakeholders and push for a timely resolution of the Magee House closures. Earlier this year we (the HCA) sought a legal opinion.

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