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The Hintonburg Community Association (HCA) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led group of local citizens, who are eager to make a difference in our community. Meetings are normally held the first Monday of every month at the Hintonburg Community Centre -- all members are welcome to attend.

The Hintonburg Community Association held its latest Annual General Meeting on September 23rd, 2014, with approximately 90 people in attendance. There were reports from the HCA President, as well as the Committee Chairs..

An election was held for the Board of Directors. The 2014-2015 Board members are:  Cheryl Parrott, Dickson Davidson, Eddie Fu (Treasurer), James Valcke (VP), Jay Baltz, Tim Golding, Linda Hoad, Matt Whitehead (president), Nicholas Olmstead, Pat O'Brien, Paulette Dozois, Robert McLean, Sharon Fernandez, Stefan Matiation (Secretary), Wayne Rodney, Emily Addison, Katie Alexander

Volunteers are the life-blood of our organization. Multiple committees work on issues such as planning & development, security, the environment, our Hintonburg Cycling Champions, arts (including Artspark), the Centennial 5k Run/Walk, traffic, schools, movies, special events and more. Some of these require ongoing commitments of a couple of hours a month, and others a one-time commitment of just an hour or two.

Membership is open to all residents, property owners, and proprieters of businesses in Hintonburg for only $5 yearly or $20 for five years. Please download and complete a membership application (MS Word format) and mail with your cheque to the HCA at 1064 Wellington Street, Ottawa, K1Y 2Y3, or use the Paypal payment option below (if you have an area of interest you would like to volunteer for, please note it in the 'instructions to seller' box on the payment page.) Join the HCA and make your community an even better place in which to live and work. If you have any Paypal issues, please write to treasurer@hintonburg.com.

PrivacyWe WON’T use your information for anything other than telling you about Hintonburg and environs.  We WON’T ever pass your information on to third parties.  We WON”T use your information for any nefarious purposes, such as offering you pharmaceutical products of a persona… oh never mind, you get the idea.  We WILL store your information in a computer system, which is located in Canada, mainly because it would be silly to write all of the information down on a piece of paper.  We promise to secure your data above Government standards, which essentially means not leaving it on the bus, or down at the coffee shop.  We WILL contact you by email, and occasionally by post, but you can always ask us to remove your information by emailing treasurer@hintonburg.com with the words REMOVE in the subject line.  ‘Coz we’re really nice people.

Suppliers: Please consider growing green by invoicing the HCA electronically by emailing the treasurer directly at treasurer@hintonburg.com.

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