Graffiti –

  • Report it, Signalez-le
  • ....Remove it, Éliminez-le
  • ........Prevent it. Empêchez-le

    Starting in 2008 Property owners are required by City ByLaw to promptly remove any graffiti on their buildings. In the event of receiving a bylaw notice, the owner has only 7 days to comply. Extensions may be possible for bad weather, but it is best to start as soon as humanly possible.

    A few areas of Hintonburg are often targets, and now areas previously free are coming under attack. Graffiti is a criminal act of vandalism. If you see someone in the act call 911 and give a description of the suspect and the place. Some graffiti "artists" are members of gangs so don't approach them, leave it for the police. Others may just be lone kids with spray cans hidden in their knapsacks. Visit your CPC to get a pamphlet etc. on graffiti.

    It is important that graffiti be removed quickly as quick removal discourages further graffiti. The city may allow homeowners to use mural art as part of the effort to stamp out graffiti in the future. As part of the city's effort the community association is looking into creating art on some utility boxes etc. If you are interested in helping, contact Paulette Dozois at the HCA ( Security in the Community Home - Last updated or tested October 26, 2008.